printer-tool2Pop-Up Art Exhibit- First Friday, August 4, 2017 By: E.B. Schott
Located at: The Tioga Room at the Holiday Inn Arena, Binghamton, NY

Alternative Universe in Blue, by E.B. Schott, sweeps us up into the dark deep blue waves of escapism from the schisms affecting our lives by brushing aside the multiple cluttered pathways that are strewn before us, with seemingly infinite twisted obstacles of deception, on our quest for the meaning of life.

E. B. strikes into the core of constancy by leading us to roads of resounding echoing of pure truth.


About the artist: This successful eclectic artist, E.B.Schott, is an emerging Abstract Expressionist who is a perceptive, visual, kinesthetic, universal, holistic learner who sees the world in pictures and numbers. E.B.Schott experiments with her palette by composing works of contemporary abstract expression with multi-media; incorporating oils, acrylics and encaustic inspired and aided by nature. E.B. channels the Zeitgeist of our times into her creations.