Darkness Awakens

written 2004

Vivid, clear motion
Shapes in clouds twist in the sunlight
Horizon shimmers
Life is how it is
It’s different than you think
Everything is green


Thou art beckoning of an uncanny ability
Deep within my soul…
Paints the picture of an idealized utopia in my mind’s eye.
I am a free thinker.
I see the world through pictures and numbers;
In the lens of many true voices.
I am a driven conscientious student,
That wants to have the world in her hands.
She does not give rise to the rigid structured uniformity.
A rebel at heart, she is.
Nature is her best for rest.

Nightfall, Night Sky- Sailing at Sea

August 23, 2004

I wonder how it can be,
Sailing at sea…
And seeing all this can be?

I always wondered,
How it would be…
Sailing at sea?

And maybe one day,
Experience the sailing…
I say!

Nouveau a Poem


Blue skies
Birds chirping,
which is a true sign that Spring is ringing.
From the hustle and bustle,
to the quiet, mellow landscape.
Fresh dew on the ground.
Laughter in the midst,
as I hear the lawnmower from a distance.
Smelling Spring air,
was no par of a particle abstraction.
Engulfing and absorbing the dinging of reverberating, radiating and vibrating…
From a distance…
Like an impulse of an expression…


(July 24, 2005

Mountains of glory
Mountain top to mountain top
Valley upon valley
Across a stream of water
In one high feeling of the earth
Surrounded by the vague bold sky
Laughter upon laughter
Meadow upon distance
One way in
One way out
Never the less can be depicted
In the joy of life
And laughter of sea

The Eyes of the Tree

The eyes of the trees came like shadows beneath the imprint of my eye.

I thought for a minute or two but never really took a glance at the true imagery of the sea mixed with an illusion of a midnight black feeling. This sparked my eye once again.
How shall I say what it did? But we all believe in the prophets and the Holy Books; that’s what gives us the visions that we have.

Life is something challenging too. We have to learn to excel at the battle; just keep the key thing in your mind and you can do just about everything.

Nature is your key savior. Just think of all the green, the weeping willows, the birds chirping in a miscellaneous sound. The sound of my grave is marked at my stone in total quietness and wisdomness.

The Pathway of Nature


Thou shall feed the birds as I sing
Passing through…
Glory be to the father!
And willing, to be the one… feeding
As I nurture my young ones.


Overlapping courage deep within my soul.
Quiet, mystical conversation.
Dreaming of truth in the laughter of one’s see of sea.
The depiction of truth is embedded deep within my mind’s eye.
Coalescing one’s profound creation of the true virtue that lies in the virtue of ones’ beholder.
Creating is the process that fosters one’s inhibitions, one’s morals and one’s truths about
The higher power of one’s unique origin.
Sometimes being in a fixed dream is like being in a deep dark trance of puzzles,
Of multiple dimensional shapes of fractals.